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Insurance>What is the scope of the Standard Plan?

What is the scope of the Standard Plan?

The Standart Plan covers your pet's treatment costs up to 10.00 TRY. In addition,pecuniary and bodily damages that may be caused by the pet in third parties are covered by the policy up to 10.00 TRY limit and the expenditures to be made in case of loss of the pet are covered up to 500 TRY

The scopes of the Standard Plan are as follows.

Emergecny Treatment

It covers the treatment costs such as traffic accident, falling from height, swallowing a foreign object, poisoning, burns, insect bites, electric shock,suffocation, fight, cut and sting, eye injury.

Harm to other people

It covers material and physical damages that may be caused to other persons.

Missing declaration and reward cost

It covers the cost of the announcement and reward in case the pet is lost.

In the Standart Plan, you have the right to benefit from additional services free of charge once a year at contracted veterinarians. You can also purchase services for your cat and dog at dicounted once a year. The waiting period to take advantage of the Standart Plan is 24 hours.

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