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Payments>How can I buy a National Lottery coupon code?

How can I buy a National Lottery coupon code?

To buy a coupon code for the National Lottery:

  • Log in to your Papara account.
  • Visit the Payments page and select National Lottery
  • Choose an amount for the coupon code and confirm the transaction.

You can copy your coupon code after you successfully purchase it. It is also emailed to your Papara account’s email address.

To use the code you’ve bought, visit, sign in, and go to Hesabım > Bonus ve Kuponlarım where you can write it down and activate it. After you activate the code, the balance will be added to your Milli Piyango account.

The balance you get from coupons is only usable for tickets “Çılgın Sayısal Loto”, “Süper Loto”, “Şans Topu”, and “Milli Piyango”.

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