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Unlock the Papara experience for your business.

It’s fast, simple, and affordable to pay and get paid with Papara. Accept payments in-store, online, within your mobile app, or by simply sharing a link.

Accept payments

Collect online and in-store payments from all cards and Papara accounts.

Mass payouts

Send money to any bank and Papara accounts, 24/7.

Streamline expenses

Manage all your business expenses with Papara Business Card.

Get your earnings on the same day.
Keep more of what you earn.

Accept one-time payments or installments from all debit and credit cards, all within 24 hours of setup. No monthly fixed fees.

Accept both online and in-store payments
from millions of customers.


Virtual POS

Accept payments from all debit and credit cards in your virtual store.

Pay with Papara

Accept payments from Papara accounts and all cards.

Pay with Link

Create a payment link, send it, and get paid.

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Cash Register POS

Accept payments from all cards with the same-day setup.

Android POS

Send e-invoices to your customers compliant with the Tax Law.

Mobile POS

Turn your NFC-supported Android phone into a POS device.

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Business partners that accept payments with Papara

Easiest way to distribute payments to your partners and customers.

Send money to any bank or Papara account, 24/7, without high fees or transfer limits.

Use the API or the portal to your convenience to upload files.

Business Partners that distribute payments with Papara

Take control of your business expenses, manage it all in one place.

Make your business expenses with your Business Card, track all your payments in one place.

Create an unlimited number of physical and virtual Business Cards, distribute them to your employees or partners, and get instant notifications on every spending.

Manage your cards either from the portal or with API.

Set balance

Increase or decrease the balance of any card.

Choose categories

Set spending categories for each employee.

Disable it anytime

Disable and enable the card on your command.

Send Gift Cards to your target audience. Reward your employees.

Send a Gift Card from the brand of your choice to your customers, employees, and business partners with a single click. Run campaigns by sending your brand's virtual Gift Card to Papara users who meet your target criteria and acquire new customers from millions of Papara users.

The simplest way to reward your audience.

Identify your target customer profile and determine the card balance. We’ll send your brand’s gift card to the ideal group of Papara users and direct them to your website. Send virtual Gift Cards of any brand to your employees and business partners on special occasions.

Gift Card brands that our business partners use

Control all your business transactions.

Connect to your business, on any device and from wherever you are.
Track your transactions on manage everything online on the mobile and web application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Open a Business Account on Papara and start transacting within 24 hours.

We’ll open your account within one day of application.
Reach out to us at for any questions.