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Get an instant quote and buy mobile phone insurance from Papara.

Pay with your Papara account balance or with credit cards you've linked to your account.

Enjoy installment options on credit card payments.

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Get 5% cashback on your insurance payment.

You get 5% of your money back when you buy mobile phone insurance from Papara.

You can get cashback both when you pay with your Papara balance or use a credit card.

Get quotes for new and used mobile phones.

It does not matter if your phone is brand new or used. You can get quotes and buy full coverage or screen insurance for your mobile phone in seconds.

Pay in advance
or in installments.

You can pay for the insurance with your Papara balance or use a credit card you've added to your account.

Don't miss the option to pay in 9 installments when you use a credit card.

Get repair service in case of any damage.

Mobile phone insurance is valid for 1 year.

In case your mobile phone gets damaged, you can just send it by cargo to get it repaired.

Coming soon to Papara!

Many more insurance products are coming to Papara soon! You can join the waitlist for each one of them in the application to get notified when they arrive.

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