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Mobile phone insurance
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Pay with your Papara account balance or with credit cards you've linked to your account.

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Coming soon to Papara.


Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile phone insurance is valid for 1 year.

The mobile phone screen insurance only covers screen breakage. 

You can pay for your mobile phone insurance in 9 installments.

To pay in installments, choose a credit card that you've added to your Papara account or add a new one on the payment method selection step.

You can follow these steps to cancel your mobile phone insurance:

  • Select your device under My Insurance.
  • Click Cancel Policy and continue to preview the refund amount.
  • Confirm the transaction.

If more than 30 days has passed since your purchase, you should call us at 0 (850) 340 0340 to cancel your policy.

You can buy mobile phone insurance from Papara by following the steps below:

  • Select Insurance from the left menu on the home screen or from Payments   
  • Select Mobile Phone and enter the IMEI number for the device you want to insure.
  • Select the quote you want to purchase; full coverage insurance or screen insurance.
  • Choose a payment method: You can pay directly with your Papara balance or add a credit card to your account to pay in advance or in 9 installments. 
  • After you successfully make the payment, click Activate Policy, and complete the damage assessment test by logging in to the external application with the provided username and password.

You can view your insurance policy and even cancel it from My Insurance menu.

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