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Your pet is safe with Pet Insurance

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Protect your furry friend against illness, accident or to get lost.

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Home Insurance

Secure your home against risks such as fire, flood, flood, storm and theft with Home Insurance.

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Personal Accident Insurance

Discover Personal Accident Insurance packages that offer financial assurance against unexpected accidents.

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Online Medical Advisory

Online Medical Advisory Insurance, unlimited video calls with nearly 50 specialist doctors in 14 branches for a year.

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Travel Insurance

Purchase Travel Health Insurance from Papara before traveling abroad.

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Mobile Phone Insurance

Secure your mobile phone against damage risks with Screen Insurance and Full Coverage Insurance offers.

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Earthquake Insurance

Secure your home with Compulsory Earthquake Insurance DASK

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Scooter Riding Insurance

Discover Scooter Riding Insurance, which provides financial security for you and your loved ones against all risks in your riding experience.

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Health Insurance

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Traffic insurance

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Coming soon to Papara.


Pet Insurance

Get more info about Pet Insurance for your furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

The validity period of the Pet Insurance is 1 year. When your insurance expires, you can continue to protect your beloved pet by making a purchase again through your Papara account.

In both the Standart Plan and the Comprehensive Plan, you have the right to benefit from addtional services free of charge once a year at contracted veterinarians. You can also purchase services for your cat and dog at discounted prices once a year.

Free services that you can use once a year: Examination and nail cutting, eye and ear cleaning.

Discounted services that you can use once a year: Microchip implantation and dog training service.

Microchip implantation: Microchip implantation at contracted veterinarians for a free of 20 TRY if the microchip is provided. In the case of purchase microchip in contracted veterinarians, free implantation of the microchip into the pet.

Dog training service: 10%-20% discounted service opportunity in dog training service to be obtained from contracted companies.

Pet Insurance covers conditions such as illness accident, care and loss that may happen to your beloved pet. Your insurance also protects you against the costs of emergency treatment.

Emergency treatments, damages that the pet may cause to third parties declaration of loss in case of loss and reward fees are covered within the  frame of condtions and limits specified in the policy.

Pet Insurance only covers cats and dogs. Your pet must be older than 6 months and younger than 10 years old. 

In accordance with the Animal Protection Law no:5199 and related regulations, unfortunalety Pet Insurance cannot be purchases for animals whose  production, sale and feeding are prohibited in Turkey.

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