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The smart solution for sole proprietorships, independent retailers, and freelancers. Share your Papara number or generate a QR code to receive payments easily.

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Take your business one step further.
Receive payment with QR code and card.

Increase your sales by offering alternative payment methods to your customers.
There is no start-up fee, fixed fee, or monthly fees.

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Start receiving payments by cards.

Join Papara to offer card payments and cardless payments while leveraging
higher transaction limits and better fees.

Check out the advantages of the Personal Commercial account.

There is no start-up and set-up fee. There are no monthly and fixed fees.

 The first payments of a total amount of 5.000 TL from a maximum of 5 different users are completely free.

 The payments that do not reach the limit of 5.000 TL from the first 10 users are completely free.

If you exceed the limits above, a 3,40% (excluding BITT) commercial usage fee will be charged for each subsequent transaction.
Papara will notify you when your free transaction limits are over.

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Apply for a Personal Commercial account to start receiving fast and secure payments with Papara QR.
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Do you have a joint-stock or a limited company? 

Personal Commercial accounts are a solution provided for sole proprietorships.
If you are a joint-stock or a limited liability company owner, please visit our Bussiness page
to discover the solutions we provide.

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