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Home Insurance at Papara

Protect your home from risks such as fire, flooding, storm damage and theft with Residential Insurance.

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Leave all risks outside the door with Home Insurance

Cover the costs that may arise from any home-related risks with Home Insurance. Protection from theft, fire, flood and natural disasters. View quotes, choose the appropriate package for you, and purchase your Home Insurance easily on Papara.

Get to know the insurance products that may interest you and buy them from Papara.

Personal Accident Insurance

Discover Personal Accident Insurance packages that offer financial assurance against unexpected accidents.

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Online Medical Advisory

Online Medical Advisory Insurance, unlimited video calls with nearly 50 specialist doctors in 14 branches for a year.

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Travel Insurance

Purchase Travel Health Insurance from Papara before traveling abroad.

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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance valid for all veterinarians in Turkey.

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Earthquake Insurance

Secure your home with Compulsory Earthquake Insurance DASK

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Health Insurance

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Traffic insurance

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Coming soon to Papara.


Frequently Asked Questions

Both homeowners and tenants can purchase Home Insurance from Papara for their residential address.

Mini Package provides the following coverage:  

•Fire & internal floods 

•Natural disasters such as over flood, floods and storms 

•Material damages such as theft, air and land vehicle crashes 

•Other services such as strikes, lockouts, riots, public disturbances, terrorism, debris removal costs 

•Air conditioning or combi boiler maintenance for once (gift) 

In Papara Home Insurance packages, you can benefit from the gift of air conditioning or combi boiler maintenance once in addition to the coverage scopes.  

•Within the scope of combi boiler maintenance, filter cleaning, combustion burner maintenance and combustion adjustment are made to the combi boiler in working condition whose warranty period has expired.  

•Within the scope of air conditioning maintenance, filter cleaning, heating and cooling ability to perform the heating and cooling process is measured for the operating air conditioner whose warranty period has expired. 

You can contact the Papara User Support Centre to take advantage of this service and get information about the service.  

In order to successfully complete the purchase of Home Insurance on Papara, it is necessary to enter the correct address. The safest way to do this is to use the address number registered with the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs and the National Address Database. You can learn your address number from the e-Government Gateway by following these steps:  

•Log in to e-Government Gateway. 

•Go to the services of Population and Citizenship Affairs.  

•Address No Learning - Select NVI My Address Information service. 

•You can see your address number in the NVI Address No line on the screen that opens. 

You can use this number in the address information step when purchasing Home Insurance. Your address is automatically pulled through the NVI. 

 Discover Residential Insurance 

Discover how to buy Papara Home Insurance, which secures your home with extensive coverage.  

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