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Открой счет стримера, увеличь поддержкуч

Если ты стример в Twitch, открой счет стримера в Papara и начни получать поддержку от членов Papara с помощью ссылок или QR-кодов. Определи минимальный объем поддержки, мгновенно отслеживай входящую поддержку.

Открыть счет в Papara

Как открыть счет стримера в Papara?

Для открытия счета стримера в Papara тебе необходимо иметь подтвержденный счет. После подтверждения своего счета следуй инструкциям в видео, легко открой счет стримера.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

If the streamer you follow has a Streamer Account on Papara, you can support them using the link or QR code they share in their posts.

• Click the link or scan the QR code.

• Set the support amount.

• Enter your information and message.

• Confirm your action.

That is all. The amount you have set has been withdrawn from your Papara account and transferred to the Streamer Account of the streamer you support.

You need a Twitch account to create a streamer account. You can open a streamer account instantly with your Twitch account.

Follow these steps to see the boosts coming to your Streamer Account:

• Enter the Streamer Account step from the menu.

• Tap on Incoming Donation.

You can see the donation on your account in this step according to the date, and you can search among the supports.

Streamer Account is a solution that allows you to receive donations to content producers streaming on Twitch. Thanks to the Papara Streamer Account, they can quickly receive donations from Papara users.

Streamers can authorize their live stream software (Streamlabs and StreamElements)  with their Papara Streamer Accounts. After authorization, the link and QR code could be generated. Viewers with a Papara account can easily donate to streamers through the link and QR code.

Streamers can instantly see the donation amounts they receive through Papara in their Papara accounts. They can set a minimum donation amount and share the link and QR code in their accounts on the platform they stream or wherever they want.

Once your Streamer Account is created, you can share a link to receive donations from your followers who have Papara accounts on your live streams and social media accounts in the About section of your Twitch account and let your followers support you 24/7.

You can also download the QR code, which you can access by tapping the View QR option in the Streamer Account step, saving it to your gallery, and sharing it with your followers. Papara users who read the QR code are immediately directed to the support screens.

Открой счет за считанные секунды

Ты можешь открыть бесплатно счет Papara за считанные секунды и начать использовать его прямо сейчас.

Открыть счет в Papara