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Account>I can't verify my account. What can I do?

I can't verify my account. What can I do?

Before starting to verify your account, please make sure that you prepare the following:

• Make sure you have sufficient light in the environment.

• Make sure your phone camera’s resolution is above 480p.

• Check that you have good internet speed on your phone or WIFI.

Please carefully follow these steps below during the account verification process:

When you scan the front and back of your identity card:

  • When the camera is turned on, make sure that your ID is right-side up. Before you complete the steps, you can refer to the info pages to see short videos demonstrating how you should hold and show your identity card.
  • When the camera is turned on, make sure you fit your ID card into the purple frame and not move your ID card.

When you scan the back and front of your ID:

  • When the camera is turned on to scan your ID, make sure you hold your ID vertically and in the correct orientation. You can see short videos showing you in which direction and how you should hold your ID on the information pages that appear before each step you need to complete.
  • When the camera opens, make sure your ID fits inside the purple frame and do not move it.
  • If you do not have a photo on your ID, you cannot verify your account.

Account verification does not occur on phones that do not support NFC.

In Liveness Verification:

  • Make sure your face fits into the circle frame.
  • When the frame turns green, the process starts.
  • Look at the camera and wait for it to count down from 3.
  • Turn your head left and right by fit your face into the green frame when it counts down from 5.
  • If your face goes out of the oval frame, it will start counting down from 5 again, and you should turn your head left and right again.

Remember, you can try to verify your account up to 3 times a day. Do not worry. You can try the next day again.

If you are not able to complete the account verification process after trying all the processes above:

  • Please take a photo holding your ID card. Make sure that your face and ID card are easily recognisable.
  • Log in to the E-Government platform to get your Certificate of Residence or Civil Registery Record.
  • Select “Himself/Herself” when asked “For whom the document is for”
  • Select "To submit to an institution” when asked the purpose of your request
  • Enter "Papara" for the institution’s name
  • Download the document as a PDF file
  • Send the document and your photo to

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