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Insurance>Is TCIP compulsory? Is there a penalty for not having TCIP?

Is TCIP compulsory? Is there a penalty for not having TCIP?

TCIP insurance is a compulsory insurance for covered property owners. TCIP is required for residential buildings and the independent sections such as commercial premises, shops and offices inside these buildings. There are no penalties for not having TCIP. Homeowners who do not take out TCIP will not be fined. 

However, TCIP insurance, also known as Compulsory Earthquake Insurance in public, is mandatory for selling houses or providing houses with utilities such as natural gas, electricity and water. Utilities such as natural gas, electricity and water are not provided to houses without a TCIP policy; these houses cannot be sold without TCIP. In addition, if non-TCIP houses are damaged in earthquakes or related events, the owners of these buildings cannot benefit from the payments to be made by the Turkish Natural Catastrophe Insurance Pool. Fortunately, Papara makes taking out online TCIP insurance easier. 

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