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Papara, not a bank!

Türkiye’s largest fintech is coming to Spain.

Send money 24/7 for free, and manage your budget. Use Papara Card around the world, avoid fees, and earn instant cashback as you spend.

Join the waiting list right now! Rebellion users will get a €25 cashback on their first card spending.

The simplicity of a debit card with rewards of a credit card.

Track your spendings in real time and earn instant cashback as you spend. Add your card to Google Pay or Apple Pay and pay with your phone.

No more card fees!

Pay securely

Secure shopping anywhere around the world.

Earn Cashback

Earn cashback from brands and merchants without minimum spending limits.

Withdraw Cash

Withdraw money at all local ATMs and abroad.

Enjoy your financial freedom with a single app.

All you need is Papara.

Local IBANs

Spanish IBANs for you to get your salary and set up direct debits.

Google Pay & Apple Pay

Add your card and tap to pay with your mobile phone easily.

International transfers

Send money abroad at the best rates.


Message with Papara users and share transactions.

Save money

Open a savings account and save money with automatic tools.

Instant Cashback

Get instant cash on major brands.

Get €25 cashback on your first spending

Register to Papara with your Rebellion Pay e-mail address or phone number and instantly earn €25 cashback on your first card spending until the end of 2024.