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Send Gift Cards to your target audience. Reward your employees.

Send a Gift Card from the brand of your choice to your customers, employees, and business partners with a single click. Run campaigns by sending your brand's virtual Gift Card to Papara users who meet your target criteria and acquire new customers from millions of Papara users.

The simplest way to reward your audience.

Identify your target customer profile and determine the card balance. We’ll send your brand’s gift card to the ideal group of Papara users instantly and direct them to your website. Send virtual Gift Cards of any brand to your employees and business partners on special occasions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Papara MassPayment is a commercial product developed for merchants where you can send mass payments to thousands of people quickly and securely. You can make mass payments to thousands of people with a few clicks, automatically with Papara's MassPayment API or by uploading files from your merchant portal. 

Receive Payment via Papara is the general name of Papara's online and in-person solutions to receive payments for commercial users.

Papara's online solutions for receiving payments are Receive Payment via Link, Receive Payments via QR Code, and Virtual POS. With Papara Virtual POS, you can start receiving payments easily on your website with Papara API, and on your mobile application with Papara SDK.

Papara's in-person payment solutions are New Generation POS Cash Register, Android POS and Mobile POS, presented under the heading Papara POS.

The Papara Business Card, whose features and conditions of use you can check through the merchant portal, is a card connected to your Business Account.  


By distributing the Papara Business Card to your employees, you can track card transactions and manage card expenditures. You can add or reduce balances separately for each Business Card you own, and you can easily activate or deactivate the cards. You can also specify the categories or brands for spending with each card separately.  


You can enable your Papara Business Card to use the balance in your Business Account, or you can add a separate balance for the card. You can change your card balance usage preference at any time. 

You must have a joint stock, limited liability or sole proprietorship company to qualify for a Business Account.   

The application process for a Papara Business Account begins when you fill out the pre-application form that appears when you tap the Apply for a Business Account button at We will contact you as soon as possible after you fill out the application form. 

You must have an individual Papara account with Verified Account status in order to use a Business Account. We will guide you in this process during the application.  

If you are specifically applying for Receive Payment via Papara products, your application process will be completed faster if you meet the following conditions.  

  • Make sure your website is ready for use with product and price information. 
  • Make sure your Privacy Policy, Distance Sales Agreement, Delivery and Returns Policy, About Us and Contact pages are ready. 
  • If Papara's payment solutions are not available on the checkout page, make sure your website has an SSL certificate. 

Follow the steps below to open a Papara Business Account: 

  • Click the Apply for a Business Account button at 
  • Complete your application by entering the required information 

That’s all! We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Open a Business Account on Papara and start transacting within 24 hours.

We’ll open your account within one day of application.
Reach out to us at for any questions.

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