Papara Business

A complete toolkit designed for secure, fast, and low-cost payments.

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Papara Business

Streamline your payouts.
Send commissions, payments, rewards to
banked and unbanked partners 24/7.

Papara offers a 100% secure and flexible platform to handle mass payments for businesses⁠—big or small.
All you need is payee's phone number, e-mail address or ID number.


A seamless checkout platform.

Papara Checkout allows your customers to pay with their
Papara Account balance or any bank card they have linked to their Papara account.
Use Papara Checkout to offer a better mobile and web checkout experience.

A 100% customizable corporate card for growing businesses.

The best way to handle your business expenses.
Customize spending categories, limits, and card features for your needs.

Set custom limits for different categories, enable/disable spending channels and cash transactions including ATM withdrawals, online payments, and more.

Optimize your operations, manage expenses securely.

Papara Corporate Card

Frequently Asked Questions

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