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First POS in Turkey with no monthly fees.

Accept payments from all debit and credit cards and pay no monthly fees with our New Generation Cash Register POS.

Use Android POS to deliver instant e-invoices to your customers. Turn your mobile phone into a POS device with Mobile POS.

Accept payments right away with same-day delivery and setup.

Choose the ideal POS for your business and start collecting payments within 24 hours.
Payments are transferred to your account the same day as wel.

Relive the fast, simple, affordable and fun
Papara experience in your business.

No monthly fees

Don't pay unnecessary extras like usage and inefficiency fees. Grow your business with the commission model based on your trading volume.

Contracted with all banks

Get cash and installment payments with debit and credit cards of all banks.

Same-day deposits

All payments you receive with a debit/credit card and Papara account are deposited into your Papara account on the same day.

Fast and simple integration

Create a Business Account and start receiving payouts within 24 hours.

24/7 support

Receive 24/7 service from our support teams starting from the application process. Let us make your work easier with our fast and solution-oriented team.

Papara assurance

As Papara, which is audited by the Financial Crimes Investigation Board and is among the BKM, Mastercard, Visa member organizations, we offer full commitment to the privacy and security of our member businesses. At Papara, you can safely carry out all your business transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Papara New Generation POS Cash Register, offered among Papara's POS solutions, is a new generation payment recording device with EFT POS feature in compliance with the communiqués published by the Revenue Administration. With the Papara New Generation POS Cash Register, you can view all contracted card programmes on a single portal, receive in-person payments from your customers, and transfer data securely to the Revenue Administration. The Papara New Generation POS Cash Register ensures the compliance of taxpayers with the communiqués that require them to use payment recording devices.

Papara Mobile POS is a technology that enables smartphones to receive payments via contactless cards without the need for additional hardware. Papara Mobile POS turns your Android smartphone into a POS device and enables you to securely receive payments with contactless cards using the NFC feature.

Papara Android POS, which supports all payment methods, is a POS solution that allows you to receive payments with Android-based POS devices and instantly send e-invoices to your customers in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law No. 507.

Papara POS comprises the POS solutions that Papara offers among its payment solutions. Papara offers the New Generation POS Cash Register, Android POS and Mobile POS solutions for receiving in-person payments.

Open a Business Account on Papara and start transacting within 24 hours.

We’ll open your account within one day of application.
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