Protect your money with the latest technology

Papara always aims to protect your account from malicious acts by employing enhanced security measures, and keeps you posted with instant notifications on every transaction.

Hide personal information and block unknown users with adjustable privacy settings. Lock and unlock your card, create disposable cards, spend with confidence.

It's all under control

Papara is an electronic money institution that operates under the supervision of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, and the Financial Crimes Investigation Board. We are regularly audited by internal and external auditors.

As per the law numbered 6493, Papara is obligated to hold 100% of each user's account balance in cash in the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. Papara cannot benefit from this money by earning interest on it.


Discreet Mode

Worried about checking your account in crowded places?

Discreet mode hides away your balance and transaction amounts. Just double tap the Papara logo and roam the app freely.

Instant notifications

Papara notifies you about everything that happens in your account, so that you always stay in the know.

Privacy settings

You can hide your name and profile picture in all your transactions.

In case anyone bothers you, you can just block them to automatically reject their payments and money requests.

Only you have access

Only your device can be used to access your account. If a login attempt is made from a different device, we make sure it's you with a confirmation email.

Manage your card

Managing your Papara Card is simple as a few taps. You can lock and unlock it as you wish, or set a spending limit. Contactless payments can be toggled off for ease of mind in crowded areas. You can change your card's PIN without leaving app.


Lock & unlock your card

Lost your card? Don't mind it.

Lock your card with a single tap. It will be disabled until you unlock it.

Disable contactless payments

Turn your Papara Card's contactless payments on or off. Complete security is one tap away with Papara.

Disposable virtual card

Our award-winning Ghost Virtual Card is perfect for one-time payments on unfamiliar websites.

It instantly self-destructs after the first transaction, saving you the trouble of unauthorized follow-up payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please mind for your security.

Papara never sends emails or makes calls asking for users' passwords,
requesting personal data, or asking for an update of personal data.

Security Declaration