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Start investing in gold with Papara

Time to invest in precious metals has started at Papara. Open a Precious Metal Account and invest in any amount of gold with a minimum limit of 0.01 gram. Buy gram gold, easily perform gold buying and selling transactions 24/7. Start your gold investment at Papara.

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Invest in gram gold in 3 steps

Tap the Gold option

To buy and sell gold, switch to the Precious Metal Account and tap gold (XAU).

Determine the transaction

Start your trade by using the Buy or Sell buttons for gold investment.

Determine the amount

You can either use amounts in TRY or grams. Confirm your transaction, review the details of your investment.

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It is indispensable in many sectors with its wide usage area. Your silver investments are now at Papara.

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It is a mine whose value is expected to increase day by day. You can start investing in platinum at Papara.

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