Pocket money goes digital

A free allowance account with a contactless card.
An app for financially savvy youngsters: Papara Edu.

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Shape smart purchasing behaviors from a young age

The next generation of pocket money designed for financially savvy kids.
Open your free account in seconds.

Parents can easily send money to Papara Edu accounts with a single tap for free, 24/7.
Do you want to set up recurring allowances for your kids? We've got you covered.


Instant & easy
pocket money

Parents can instantly transfer money to Papara Students 24/7 for free.

All you need is a Papara account—one for the student, one for the parent.

All expenses under control

Monitor your child’s spending in real time.

Students need to confirm their parents' access. Then, you're good to go!

Simple as ABC

Lock and unlock Papara Edu Card for
off-campus and online purchases.

Automatic recurring allowances to Papara Edu accounts; daily, weekly or monthly. Set your allowance orders or cancel them in a few taps.

Set virtual budgets and inspire your children to engage with their financial life.

Healthy and risk-free

Eliminate the need for physical money, health risks associated with cash circulation, and dangers of illegal purchases.

Papara Edu Card is enabled for off-campus spendings. Don't worry! Papara Edu Card can't be used at merchants serving and selling alcoholic beverages.

Stay tuned for more personalized features—track students' purchasing behaviors better and avoid any risks for consuming allergens.

Debt-free financial experiences with Papara Edu Card

It's a prepaid card with the perks of a credit card.
Earn as you spend and teach your children the value of money.
Quick and secure money transfers whenever they need a budget boost.

No card fees, subscription fees, or maintenance fees.

Papara Edu Card Mavi Papara Edu Card Kırmızı


Send money to your family and
friends anywhere, anytime.


Papara Edu Card comes with perks!
Use your card off-campus with
your parents' approval.


Earn instant cashback without
minimum spending limits.

Earn cashback as you spend.

No need to figure out how to earn and spend your cashback. Papara Cashback is simple and quick without discount codes or points—instant cash rewards. Earn cashback without worrying about campaign durations, spending conditions, and expiration dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Avoid queues, enjoy your break!

Say goodbye to waiting in line during your break and handling cash.
Cashless, contactless, and 100% secure.
More time for fun!

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