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Pocket money goes digital

Papara Edu.

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Shape smart purchasing behaviors from a young age

The next generation of pocket money designed for financially savvy kids.
Open your free account in seconds.

Parents can easily send money to Papara Edu accounts with a single tap for free, 24/7.
Do you want to set up recurring allowances for your kids? We've got you covered.

Debt-free financial experiences with Papara Edu Card

It's a prepaid card with the perks of a credit card.
Earn as you spend and teach your children the value of money. Quick and secure money transfers whenever they need a budget boost.

No card fees, subscription fees, or maintenance fees.


Send money to your family and
friends anywhere, anytime.


Papara Edu Card comes with perks!
Use your card off-campus with
your parents' approval.


Earn instant cashback without
minimum spending limits.

Earn cashback as you spend.

No need to figure out how to earn and spend your cashback. Papara Cashback is simple and quick without discount codes or points, instant cash rewards. Earn cashback without worrying about campaign durations, spending conditions, and expiration dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your school is in our network, you can get your Papara Edu Card at your school cafeteria for free. If not, you can buy one from any of the points of sale below.

Papara Edu Card points of sale:

  • CarrefourSA
  • D&R

The card price of 5 TL will be refunded to your Papara account when you add the card.

First, you and your student need individual Papara accounts. You can open your free Papara account on or Papara app.

If you already have an account, you need to add money to it by bank transfer or ATM deposit, and also add a student by selecting Papara Edu from the left menu.

Keep in mind that the student will need a Papara Edu Card added to their account for you to add him/her as a student. Visit the Papara Edu menu to choose a student and click "Send Pocket Money" to give them allowance instantly.

Yes. Students can deposit money to their Papara Edu account at all local ATMs, PTT branches and other Papara cash deposit locations. Papara also allows students to transfer money to their Papara account via wire transfer/EFT from their bank accounts. The account holder and Papara user should be the same person.

Select Papara Edu from the left menu and choose a student that you've previously added. Tap "Set Recurring Pocket Money", choose payment method using the tabs at the top. Determine the transfer frequency and the amount, and confirm the transaction.

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Avoid queues, enjoy your break!

Say goodbye to waiting in line during your break and handling cash.
Cashless, contactless, and 100% secure.
More time for fun!

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