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Live debt free,
earn as you spend.

Avoid risks of getting into debt or overspending.
Spend your available balance. Track your expenses.
Earn instant cash rewards with Papara Cashback.

No hidden fees, maintenance fees, card fees.

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Secure shopping anywhere
around the world.


Earn cashback from brands and categories
without minimum spending limits.

Deposit & Withdraw

Deposit/withdraw money at all local ATMs.
No fees at Akbank ATMs.

Choose your Papara Card. You can't go wrong with Papara.

Earn instant cashback as you spend.

Earn instant cash on fixed brands at fixed rates without following the campaign period and conditions with the Cashback Program.

Earn cashback, use it as you wish.

Earn instant cashback on your purchases with your Papara Card from many different brands.

Whether you want your cashbacks to be transferred directly at the end of the month, you can transfer them to your Papara Savings Account if you wish, let it accumulate drop by drop.

Papara Cashback Offers

With the Cashback Program that is updated every season, this spring, you can earn ₺1450 instant cash every month.

This Cashback Program is valid between 1 April - 30 June.

Invite a Friend, Earn Together

Let the friend you invite to register with Papara and confirm their account, and both of you earn 25 TL instant cash from the first Papara Card spending.

Papara Card Physical and Online Points of Sale

Stay tuned for more locations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Papara Card is a multi-functional prepaid card.

·          You can use your card for in-store and online shopping worldwide.

·          All Papara Cards are enabled for contactless payments.

·          You only spend your available balance.

·          Papara Card users can deposit money via cash deposit points or wire transfer/EFT.

Your latest card transactions and purchases are listed in the Recent Transactions on Papara Card details.

You can also review your transactions from Recent Transactions on the Main Page. Filter your transactions to review your Papara Card spending.

Monitor the category breakdown of your spending from the Summary in Papara Card.

You can split your Papara Card payments with your friends easily. When you pay the bill, just select card payment and split the amount with friends you select. Send your split request and notify them.

Remember, you can also invite friends who have no Papara account by sending them split requests.

You need to first open a Papara account to get a Papara Card.

  • Open a Papara account using the mobile app or via
  • Log in to the mobile app and follow the steps to verify your account.
  • Visit Papara Card > New Card and click "Request Papara Card"
  • Add your delivery address and confirm your application.

After applying for a Papara Card, your application will be evaluated, and you'll be notified of the result. You can track the application and delivery status by selecting your card from the Papara Card page.

Remember, once you apply, you don’t need to wait for your Papara Card to be delivered. You can get a Papara Card from points of sale to use it with your Papara account. You can also create a Papara Virtual Card from the Papara app and shop online.

You can request maximum 3 Papara (Black, Gray, Rose, Almond, Teal) Card on Papara mobile application or .

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