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Batman Card

Reflect your style with the custom-designed Batman Card.

The Batman Card, like all Papara Cards, never puts you in debt; it uses the balance in your account. It provides instant cashback as you spend with Cashback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Papara (Black, Gray, Rose, Almond, Teal) Card is free of charge.

You can get your Papara Card on or Papara app for free. Also you can get your new card from a point of sale for 5 TL. Once you activate your new Papara Card, you will receive your 5 TL back in your account. 

You can buy Metal Card by paying 999,90 TL, Supporter Cards and Collection Cards by paying 99,90 TL, Voice Card by paying 299,90 TL.

20 TL courier fee is charged for your Papara (Black, Gray, Rose, Almond, Teal) Card requests that follows the first.

No monthly fees.

You can set and update your card's limit whenever you want.

  • Visit or Papara mobile app.
  • Select your Papara Card and go to Card Limit menu.
  • Set spending limit per month or week.
  • When you set a limit amount for Papara Card, you can spend a maximum of that amount with your card per month or week.
  • If you remove the limit amount, your card limit becomes equal to your Papara account balance.

Collection Card is the general name of Papara's limited edition, specially designed card products that include licensed products, which are Batman Card, Harley Quinn Card, Joker Card and Flash Card.

  • It’s accepted worldwide.
  • You can buy it on Papara mobile application or for 99,90 TL. The card will be delivered to your address without delivery fees.
  • To start using the Collection Card you’ve received, you need to add it to your account. Go to Papara Card > New Card > Collection Card to add the card to your account. 
  • By verifying your account, you can earn cashback when spending on specific brands with your Collection Card.

You can subscribe to any platform or service using your Papara Card. You can manage your subscriptions by selecting your card in the Papara Card menu.

Your latest card transactions and purchases are listed in the Recent Transactions on Papara Card details.

You can also review your transactions from Recent Transactions on the Main Page. Filter your transactions to review your Papara Card spending.

Monitor the category breakdown of your spending from the Summary in Papara Card.

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