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Bills, transportation expenses, gaming purchases,
and many more. Pay them with Papara, get instant notifications, and track your expenses with charts
in real time.

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All payments in one place.

How much money did you spend on bills this month?

Is your phone bill higher than last month?

Don’t fall behind with your payments, monitor your bills with charts, and track monthly changes.

Let us keep track.

Papara tracks your payments and notifies you when they’re due. Check your upcoming, overdue, and paid bills easily on a single screen.

Automate bill payments.

Let automatic payments take care of your bills whenever they're due. Check the payment status anytime.

Buy digital and game credits instantly
on your app.

Be the hero of your favorite game now. Get your game credits with your Papara account in seconds and keep playing.


Purchase mobile phone insurance,
don’t fear accidents

Purchase full coverage insurance or screen insurance right now for your mobile phone from Papara.

Make your insurance payments in advance with your Papara account or in installments with your credit cards that you've linked to your Papara account.

Further, get 5% cashback on your mobile phone insurance payment.

Donations make a difference.

Charities immediately receive the entire amount you donate with Papara.

No hidden fees when donating.

Support many organizations either on your behalf or on behalf of someone else with a single click.

Round-up your spendings
Give your change to charities

Round-up your Papara Card spendings to the next
whole number and donate the spare change
to a charity of your choice.

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Top up your Istanbulkart
with a few taps.

Top up your Istanbulkart with your Papara account without using cash or credit card anywhere, anytime. Save your card to Papara,
top up, and view your previous transactions easily.

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