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Now, you can make financial transactions on Chat.

With the Chat feature, you can chat just like you're used to, while also requesting money, sending money, and sharing transactions on the side.

Select any Papara user from your contacts, start a chat. You can quote messages or leave reactions to messages as you like.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the Papara Chat feature, verified individuals can be given a blue checkmark. This blue checkmark signifies that the user's identity has been verified and that they have a contracted account. Verified individuals are highlighted with a blue checkmark to provide a secure communication experience and to increase trust among users. 

How can I get a Blue Checkmark?

The chat feature is a capability that allows Papara users to have real-time messaging with each other, while also being able to perform financial transactions such as sending and requesting money during their conversations. 


If you wish, you can choose to chat only with the contacts in your address book. 

In the Papara Chat feature, you can enable the "Only Contacts in My Address Book" option in Settings > Chat Settings to allow only the contacts in your address book to send you messages. This way, only the contacts in your address book can send you messages, and you will prevent others from messaging you. 

To obtain a blue checkmark in Papara Chats, you need to verify your account with your new identity using an NFC-supported device. Once this verification process is complete, your account will be confirmed, and you will receive the blue checkmark.

Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Verify Your Account. That's it. Now, you have your blue checkmark too!

If you don't want to receive messages from a person, you can block them. 

Select 'Chat' from the menu. 

Tap the three dots next to the chat you want to block in the list of chats. 

Choose 'Block User.' 

Confirm the action. 

That's it. You can unblock the user by following the same steps. 

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