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Secure solution for internet spending: Virtual Card

Shopping online is enjoyable, fast and safe with Papara Virtual Card!

You set a spending limit for the Virtual Card, which you can create and start using in seconds, and spend within the limit.

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Earn cashback as you spend.

No need to figure out how to earn and spend your cashback. Papara Cashback is simple and quick without discount codes or points, instant cash rewards. Earn cashback without worrying about campaign durations, spending conditions, and expiration dates.

This Cashback Program is valid between 1 April - 30 June.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Papara Virtual Card is a secure and convenient card for all online payments. Papara users can create their free Papara Virtual Card with few taps and start using it immediately.

  • Set a spending limit
  • Earn instant Cashback rewards
  • Name your virtual card.
  • Enable/disable to use your card anytime.
  • You can create your virtual card by logging in from the or application, then going to Papara Card > New Card > Create Virtual Card.

You can use your Papara Virtual Card for online shopping and digital payments by displaying your card details on or Papara app.

Visit Papara Card > Papara Virtual Card to view your card number, expiration date and CVV details.

A virtual card gives you peace of mind while shopping or paying online. It's always secure and easy. Review your purchase history in Recent Transactions from Papara Card>Papara Virtual Card.

You need to verify your account first. Once your account is verified using your ID, visit or Papara app and follow Papara Card > New Card > Create a Virtual Card.

You can create up to 10 Papara Virtual Card and Ghost Virtual Cards per month. Your first card is free every month. Then, a 1 TL/card fee will be applied for new virtual cards.

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