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The simplest gift
there is Virtual Gift Card.

Buy a Virtual Gift Card for anyone you want.
It’s exclusively used on the brand of your choice.
You can even send it to friends who don’t use Papara yet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the Gift Cards you received in the Papara Card page.

  • You need to first open the gift box before you can use your Gift Card.
  • In your Gift Card's detail page; you can find the card number, expiration date, CVV number and the brand that the card can be used with.
  • You can use the card's information to shop at the website or the mobile application of the brand.
  • You can use your Gift Card's balance in a single purchase or over multiple purchases.
  • When the card's balance is completely spent, it'll be removed from your Papara Cards list.
  • The card has a lifetime expiry of 1 year. It will be automatically cancelled with its balance after 1 year has passed.

No, there are no added fees for creating and sending a Gift Card. You only pay the amount you determine as the balance to be added to the Gift Card.

Gift Card is a virtual card that you can send to both Papara users and those who don't use Papara yet. It is only usable on the website and the mobile application of the sender's brand of choice. You can also schedule a Gift Card to be sent at a future date.

You can use a Gift Card you receive the way you use any virtual card. Gift Cards are only valid on the brand that the sender determines, and they expire after 1 year. A Gift Card will automatically close after it's balance is spent.

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