The simplest gift
there is Virtual Gift Card.

Buy a Virtual Gift Card for anyone you want.
It’s exclusively used on the brand of your choice.
You can even send it to friends who don’t use Papara yet.

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Papara Gift Card

Choose from hundreds of brands.

Choose a brand, determine the balance, add a note.
Send it to anyone, anytime.


Let confetti rain as your gift is opened.
We'll deliver your gift in a festive spectacle.
The receiver can react with an emoji.

A virtual gift, a real experience.

Gift Card is listed on receiver's Papara Card page
and can be used as any virtual card.

Copy, paste.
That's it.

The gift receiver copies the card information with a single touch from the app, and spends on the web or mobile app of the brand using the option to pay with card. Gift Card can be used for 1 year.

It's simple as that.

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