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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use both the cashback and round-up features in any of your chosen savings' accounts. The cashback feature allows you to transfer the earnings from your purchases to your savings account, while the round-up feature enables you to accumulate the differences by rounding up the amounts you pay for your purchases. 

Yes, you can easily transfer your earned cashback to your savings account. Once you enable the 'Accumulate with Cashback' feature, all the cashback you earn will be automatically transferred to your selected savings account. 

Go to the Accounts menu > Savings Account > Select the savings account where you want to transfer the cashback and complete the process. 

Tap the Accounts button on the home page and select Savings Account to open a savings account.

You can set up recurring transfers from your Turkish Lira account to your savings accounts. 

  • Select the Savings Account that you want to set up a recurring transfer to. 
  • Select Recurring Transfer from the Savings Account’s page. 
  • Set up a daily, weekly, or monthly transfer with the amount you wish to save each time. 

You can view the details of your recurring transfer on the Savings Account’s page or the Recurring Money Transfer menu. 

You can set the savings amount or date for your chosen savings account as you wish. 

From the Accounts menu > Savings Account > Set Savings Goal screen, you can add a savings goal and make changes to it whenever you want. 

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