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Да сбудутся с помощью накопительного счета твои мечты.

Легко накапливай деньги на отдельном счете. Создавай разные накопительные счета в соответствии со своими целями.

Настрой накопительный счет под себя. Вноси деньги в любое время, отслеживай, насколько цель приблизилась к тебе.

Открыть счет в Papara

Часто задаваемые вопросы

You can close a Savings Account by selecting it from your Savings Account page. If the account you’re closing has a balance, it will be transferred to your Turkish Lira account.

Yes, you can easily transfer your earned cashback to your savings account. Once you enable the 'Accumulate with Cashback' feature, all the cashback you earn will be automatically transferred to your selected savings account. 

Go to the Accounts menu > Savings Account > Select the savings account where you want to transfer the cashback and complete the process. 

You can set up recurring transfers from your Turkish Lira account to your savings accounts. 

  • Select the Savings Account that you want to set up a recurring transfer to. 
  • Select Recurring Transfer from the Savings Account’s page. 
  • Set up a daily, weekly, or monthly transfer with the amount you wish to save each time. 

You can view the details of your recurring transfer on the Savings Account’s page or the Recurring Money Transfer menu. 

The 'Round Up' feature, which we have adapted for the Savings Account, allows you to accumulate the difference between the amount you pay for your purchases with physical or virtual Papara Cards and the next whole number. Additionally, you can select a multiplier for the amount to accumulate savings faster. 

For example, if you choose a multiplier, let's say x2, the 10-cent difference will be multiplied by 2 and 20 cents will be transferred to your savings account. If you don't choose a multiplier, when you make a purchase of 1.90 TL, 2 TL will be deducted from your card, and the 10-cent difference will be transferred to your savings account. 

To enable the 'Round Up' feature, you can follow the steps below: 

Accounts menu > Savings Account > Select the account you want to use the 'Round Up' feature for > Set the Multiplier and Confirm. 

Tap the Accounts button on the home page and select Savings Account to open a savings account.

Открой счет за считанные секунды

Ты можешь открыть бесплатно счет Papara за считанные секунды и начать использовать его прямо сейчас.

Открыть счет в Papara