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Познакомься с IBAN от Papara

Ты действительно этого хотел, спрашивал 'У Papara есть IBAN?' и настал тот момент, которого ты ждал. Теперь у Papara есть IBAN. Узнай свой IBAN, начни его использовать!

IBAN от Papara ждет тебя. Скопируй свой IBAN, поделись им и быстро осуществляй переводы денег. Если захочешь, установи Простой Адрес, и получай деньги мгновенно 24/7 со всех банков на свой IBAN от Papara. Отправляй деньги на любой Простой Адрес 24/7 бесплатно.

Открыть счет в Papara

Познакомься с удобством Простого Адреса

Узнай, как настроить Простой Адрес для своего IBAN в Papara и как отправить деньги на Простой Адрес.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

To deposit money from your bank account to your Papara account easily and in seconds using your Papara IBAN, follow these steps:
  1. Log in to your Papara account and tap on the IBAN located just below the balance information of your Turkish Lira account on the homepage.
  2. After seeing the "Copied to clipboard" notification, open your mobile banking application.
  3. Follow the steps for transferring money to an IBAN.
  4. Paste your IBAN and enter your own name as the recipient.
  5. Do not exceed the Central Bank's FAST money transfer limit of 100,000 TL. If you want to deposit more than 100,000 TL, you can make multiple transactions.
  6. When using your Papara IBAN, you do not need to write your Papara number in the transfer description.
  7. After completing all the steps, confirm the transaction.

That's it. You've deposited money from your bank account to your Papara account using your IBAN. This also answers the question, "Where can I find my Papara IBAN?"

Remember, for your transaction to be completed in seconds via FAST, you can deposit up to ₺100,000 in a single transaction. If you want to deposit more than this amount, you can perform the same transaction multiple times.

You can also see your remaining monthly deposit limit to your Papara IBAN by clicking the "Withdraw/Deposit" button in your Turkish Lira account on the homepage and following the "Deposit to Your Own IBAN" step. You can check the incoming amount limit based on your account type on the Fees & Limits page.

Yes, they can send money to your Papara IBAN. Just remember to share with them not to exceed the maximum transfer limit of 100,000 TL in a single transaction. To send a higher amount, they can make multiple transactions.

You can send any amount less than or equal to 100,000 TL to your Papara IBAN in seconds, 24/7, in each transaction. If you wish to send more, you can perform multiple transactions. 

Additionally, there is a monthly incoming amount limit on the total amount you can receive when depositing money into your Papara account using your Papara IBAN.

Открой счет за считанные секунды

Ты можешь открыть бесплатно счет Papara за считанные секунды и начать использовать его прямо сейчас.

Открыть счет в Papara