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Специальная TS Card для болельщиков Trabzonspor

TS карта, особая фан-карта Трабзонспора для ребят севера, доступна в Papara.

Трать, не влезая в долги, благодаря особым привилегиям TS карты для болельщиков Trabzonspor, Cashback, участвуй в лотереях, будьте со своей командой!

Открыть счет в Papara

Открой счет за считанные секунды

Ты можешь открыть бесплатно счет Papara за считанные секунды и начать использовать его прямо сейчас.

Открыть счет в Papara

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Supporter Card is a fan card that offers special cashback, raffles, and advantages to the cardholder. It has a one-time fee of 99.90 TL and collection value. Apart from this, there are no other fees such as card or monthly fees for the Supporter Card.

You can order Supporter Card from Papara. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Papara Card > New Card.
  • Select Supporter Card and tap the Request/Add Supporter Card button.
  • Tap the Request Supporter Card button.
  • Choose your address.
  • Confirm your order.

That is all. The one-time card fee is withdrawn from your Papara account, and after your card is ready, it is sent to the address you selected. You can follow all the stages from Papara.

Supporter Card is the common name of the prepaid card products developed by Papara for club and team fans. Supporter Card family includes the BJK Card and TS Card, which offers privileges to Beşiktaş JK fans and Trabzonspor fans.

Supporter Card encompasses all the features of a Papara Card. This contactless-enabled card can be used worldwide and for online shopping, making it ideal for hassle-free transactions. You can also perform cash withdrawals and deposits at ATMs with ease. There is no need to pay a monthly card fee for the Papara Card, which gives you instant cash as you spend in Cashback brands that are renewed every three months.

In addition to Papara Card features, Supporter Card holders can benefit from cashback, raffles, and advantages exclusive to cardholders.

The Supporter Card carries all the features of Papara Cards. It can be used for all domestically, internationally, and online expenses, providing instant cashback as you spend. Additionally, cash withdrawal/deposit transactions can be performed at ATMs with the Supporter Card. 

Within the Papara Supporter Card family, special cards offer privileges to Beşiktaş JK and Trabzonspor fans.

The BJK Card, for Beşiktaş fans, offers 10% cashback and exclusive privileges valid at Kartal Yuvası. BJK Card holders can participate in raffles for gifts such as match tickets and jerseys.

As the Trabzonspor fan card, the TS Card also provides various privileges to Trabzonspor supporters. With the TS Card, fans can benefit from a 10% cashback on TS Club and purchases and participate in raffles for Trabzonspor match tickets and jerseys.