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Get paid online any way you wish.

Accept payments from all debit and credit cards. Speed up your payments flow with Papara Checkout.

Get paid just by sharing a link without the need of a website.

Discover the best payment options for you.

Offer a fast and secure online payment experience to your customers through Papara’s checkout solutions.

Business partners that accept payments with Papara

Relive the fast, simple, affordable and fun Papara experience in your business.

No monthly fees

Do not pay fixed fees such as usage fee and inefficiency fee. Grow your business with the commission model based on your trading volume.

Contracted with all banks

Get cash and installment payments with debit and credit cards of all banks.

Same-day deposits

All payments you receive with a debit/credit card and Papara account are deposited into your Papara account on the same day.

Fast and simple integration

Create a Business Account and start receiving payouts within 24 hours.

24/7 support

Receive 24/7 service from our support teams starting from the application process. Let us make your work easier with our fast and solution-oriented team.

Papara assurance

As Papara, which is audited by the Financial Crimes Investigation Board and is among the BKM, Mastercard, Visa member organizations, we offer full commitment to the privacy and security of our member businesses. At Papara, you can safely carry out all your business transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Receive Payment via Papara solution is the solution that enables merchants to add the “Pay with Papara” button to their existing payment infrastructures. Merchants can easily receive payments from the Papara accounts of millions of Papara users or can receive payments from all debit/credit cards. 

Papara's Receive Payment via QR Code is an online solution developed to receive payments from your customers 24/7. Your customers can easily pay from their Papara accounts by scanning the QR codes you have created via Receive Payment via QR Code.

Papara's Receive Payment via Link is a commercial product developed for merchants that allows you to receive online payments from your customers by creating a payment link.

If you have a Papara Business Account, you can create secure payment links by establishing details such as amount, validity period and description for your products and services in the Receive Payment via Link section on the merchant portal, and you can send the link you have created to your customers via communication channels such as e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram. Your customers can pay using their Papara account or debit/credit/prepaid cards through the link you send them.

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