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Easy and fast integration in Papara Virtual POS!

Receive your payments without interruption with our smart POS routing infrastructure. Easily complete the integration process with our clear and detailed API documentation.

Take advantage of Papara Virtual
POS fee rates that vary depending on transaction volume.

No usage fees,
no inefficiency fees

Fee rates determined
according to transaction volume

For stores which a turnover of 50 thousand or less
per transaction

%4 fee rates

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Discover online payment options suitable for your workplace.

Pay with Papara

Receive payments via Papara account and all cards.

Pay with Link

Create a payment link, send and receive payment.

Discover face-to-face payment options suitable for your workplace.

Cash Register POS

Accept payments from all cards with the same-day setup.

Android POS

Send e-invoices to your customerscompliant with the Tax Law.

Mobile POS

Turn your NFC-supported Android phone to a POS device.

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