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The investment period in precious metals begins at Papara

Open a Precious Metals Account in seconds and for free; Buy/sell gold, silver, and platinum at lucrative prices 24/7. Start investing with live rates.

Invest in precious metals.

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Trade with live exchange rates

Invest 24/7 with gram gold, silver, and platinum prices calculated with live exchange rates.

Trade in seconds

Execute precious metal trades in seconds, with no transaction fees.

Don't hit the limits

You can buy/sell any amount you want with a lower limit of 0.01 grams at Papara, which offers lower limits than the market.

Precious metal investment in 3 steps

Choose your precious metal

Choose from gold, silver, or platinum, and trade whichever precious metal you want.

Set Order

Buy or sell using the Buy/Sell buttons, and easily trade 24/7.

Determine the type of amount

Enter the amount in TL or grams, complete the transaction quickly and examine the details easily.

Watch our video for a detailed explanation about opening a Precious Metals Account and buying/selling steps.

Discover precious metals you can invest in


A timeless investment product valid all over the world. You can now buy and sell gold on Papara.

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It is indispensable in many sectors with its wide usage area. Your silver investments are now at Papara.

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It is a mine whose value is expected to increase day by day. You can start investing in platinum at Papara.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To buy and sell gold on Papara, follow these steps:

Swipe left on the accounts section on your homepage to find the Precious Metal Account.

From the top of the section, select the gold metal and tap the "Buy/Sell" button.

Choose either a buy or sell transaction.

Enter the desired amount in TL or the weight in grams.

Confirm the transaction.

That's it! 

Please note that you need to confirm the transaction within a certain period of time to perform the transaction at the most current rates. The amount you set for buying gold will be deducted from your Papara account.

You can follow the same steps to sell gold by tapping on the "Sell" button. The amount you set for selling gold will be transferred from your Papara account.

Please note that gold prices can be highly volatile, so you need to confirm your transaction within 10 seconds. If you don't confirm your transaction within 10 seconds, you can tap the "Update Price" button to get a new price and complete your transaction.

Currently, you can only transfer gold between users who have a gold account with Papara. You cannot transfer gold to or from Papara to other organizations.

When you want to enable the 24/7 gold buy/sell feature in Papara, we open an account for you at Fintag Software Consulting Inc. (Goldtag). Goldtag has been serving its customers since 2019, offering them an easy and fast way to invest in gold. It was established with the opinions of institutions such as MASAK, BDDK, and TCMB, and the necessary security measures were designed accordingly.

Papara Precious Metal Account is an account where Papara users can buy and sell gold, silver, and platinum. Users who are 18 years old or older and have a Verified Account can open a Precious Metal Account on Papara and engage in 24/7 buying and selling of gold, silver, and platinum, allowing them to invest in precious metals.

To open a Precious Metal Account, follow these steps:

Swipe left on the accounts section on your homepage to find the Precious Metal Account.

Tap the Open Account button and follow the steps.

Approve the Goldtag Terms of Use and Consent Form.

Click the Create Account button.

That's it!

That's it! When you create a Precious Metal Account in Papara, we will open an account on your behalf with Goldtag (Fintag Software Consulting Inc.), which has been providing its users with an easy and fast way to invest in precious metals since 2019.

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