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Business>How can I use Receive Payment via Link?

How can I use Receive Payment via Link?

Follow the steps below to create secure payment connections with Papara's Receive Payment via Link:

·     On the Papara merchant portal, enter Receive Payment via Link on the Checkout menu.

·     Click the Create Link button.

·     Fill in the required information and click the Create button.

·     Copy the link created and send it to your customers through the channel of your choice.

·     When your customers click on the link you send them, they are directed to a Papara payment form where they can pay using their Papara account or credit/debit/prepaid card information.

·     You can track the status of your payments on the merchant portal, or cancel them if you wish.

You can also create a payment link via API. You can visit this link for details on how to create a link via API.

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