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Papara Card>How can I design a Papara Card?

How can I design a Papara Card?

Follow these steps to design your Papara Card:

  • Tap the ‘New Card’ button on the ‘Papara Card’ tab.
  • Choose your color and tap the ‘Request/Add Papara Card’ button.
  • Tap the ‘Request Papara Card’ button.
  • Activate the ‘I Want to Design My Card’ option and continue.

After the information screens, you will reach the Design Your Card step. In this step, you can customize your card by using the Write Text, Add Icon and Draw options, staying within the boundaries of the area defined by dashed lines. Tools offer different fonts, icons and drawing tool alternatives. You can easily customize your card. Once you're done with the design process, continue following these steps:

  • Tap the ‘Complete Design’ button.
  • Review the preview of your card and tap ‘Approve Design’.
  • Select your address.
  • Approve your application.

That is all. The card design goes through an evaluation process and if approved, it starts to be produced specifically for your name. After it is produced, it is delivered to the address you choose. You can follow this entire process from the Application Status step.

If your card design is not found to meet the specified criteria, it will be rejected. In this case, the card fee is refunded.

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