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Papara Card>How can I pay with my Voice Card?

How can I pay with my Voice Card?

You can hear your shopping amount by preferring chip & PIN payment. To hear your shopping amount, you should activate your Voice Card, pair it with your phone and follow these steps;

  • Enable Bluetooth feature of your smartphone and Papara app (for iOS and Android users)
  • Enable your location services of your smartphone and Papara app (for only Android users)
  • Open your Papara app and login to your Papara account and be sure your screen is active,
  • Insert your Voice Card into POS device,
  • Hear what you will pay,
  • Enter your PIN to POS device,
  • Hear your payment is completed successfully.

To be sure that all permissions are granted, you can also visit your Voice Card page in your Papara App before your shopping. Popups will help you to enable your smartphone’s Bluetooth and location services.

Don’t forget, to hear your shopping amount while your payment, you should demand salesperson to insert your card to POS device. Voice Card notify you both successful and unsuccessful payment attempts.

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