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Papara Card>What is Papara (Black, Gray, Rose, Almond, Teal) Card?

What is Papara (Black, Gray, Rose, Almond, Teal) Card?

Papara (Black, Gray, Rose, Almond, Teal) Card are coloured prepaid cards without any monthly or annual fees.

  • It’s accepted worldwide.
  • You can select your colour of Papara Card and request it from Papara mobile application or for free. When your application is confirmed, Papara Card is delivered to courier and sent to your address.
  • To start using the Papara Card you’ve received, you need to activate your card. Go toPapara Card, find your card, and activate your card by scanning the barcode or use card credentials to start to use. 
  • When your Papara account type is updated as a verified account, your account limits increase. In order to be verified account owner, you must have your ID with you and sign the delivery form when receiving your Papara Card. Your account type will be updated by examining the Papara Card delivery form you signed and your ID photos.
  • As a verified account owner, you can withdraw money from all ATMs with your Papara Card. Akbank ATMs are completely free.
  • You can earn Cashback from card spending.
  • Papara (Black, Gray, Rose, Almond, Teal) Card uses your Papara account’s balance when you make a transaction. 

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