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Payments>Can I give an automatic payment order for my bill?

Can I give an automatic payment order for my bill?

  • Select the institution you want to pay from the Payments menu and enter the billing information.
  • If you have an issued invoice, your invoice amount will be displayed. You can place a payment order even if you do not have an issued invoice. At this stage, click the Automatic Payment Order button.
  • You can view the bills you have instructed from the Payments menu.
  • Invoices for which you have placed an automatic debit order will be paid if there is sufficient balance in your account after the invoice is issued.

Remember, you can also place an automatic payment order 24/7 after you pay your bill. Just click the Give Payment Order button in the invoice detail.

The invoice will not be paid if there is not enough balance in the account. Your account balance is checked every two days, it will be paid automatically when there is enough balance. You will be notified by notification and email when your invoice is paid or not paid due to insufficient balance.

To remove the automatic payment order, simply select your invoice and click the Remove Payment Order button, and to unfollow it, click the Unfollow button. To unfollow an invoice, you must first remove the direct debit order, if any.

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