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Precious Metals>How can I buy/sell gold in Papara?

How can I buy/sell gold in Papara?

To buy and sell gold on Papara, follow these steps:

Swipe left on the accounts section on your homepage to find the Precious Metal Account.

From the top of the section, select the gold metal and tap the "Buy/Sell" button.

Choose either a buy or sell transaction.

Enter the desired amount in TL or the weight in grams.

Confirm the transaction.

That's it! 

Please note that you need to confirm the transaction within a certain period of time to perform the transaction at the most current rates. The amount you set for buying gold will be deducted from your Papara account.

You can follow the same steps to sell gold by tapping on the "Sell" button. The amount you set for selling gold will be transferred from your Papara account.

Please note that gold prices can be highly volatile, so you need to confirm your transaction within 10 seconds. If you don't confirm your transaction within 10 seconds, you can tap the "Update Price" button to get a new price and complete your transaction.

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