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Burger King®Earn 10% instant cashback

Earn 10% instant cashback up to 25 TL on your Burger King® restaurant purchases every month.

This offer will be valid until the end of December, 2023.

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Brands that you can earn instant cashback

Create an account in seconds. Earn instant cash with Papara Cashback as you spend with
Papara Card on many brands and digital platforms from market to entertainment.

Earn instant cashback as you spend.

Choose the brands and categories that suit you and earn instant cashback as you spend with your Papara Card with the Cashback Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover ways to earn instant cash rewards as you spend. It's better than discount codes or points – it's instant cash. You get a certain amount of cash when you pay in-store or online at our Cashback brands and categories.

All offers are available throughout the month. You can earn as many rewards as you like.

Trendyol – You can earn instant cash up to 50 TL each month.

You earn 5% instant cashback on your Trendyol purchases up to 1000 TL. If you spend 500 TL on Trendyol, you earn 25 TL; if you spend 1000 TL on Trendyol, you earn 50 TL Cashback. If you spend 1500 TL, you earn a maximum of 50 TL Cashback per month.

Youtube Premium – You can earn instant cash up to 10 TL each month.

You earn 10 TL Cashback on a 57.99 TL YouTube Premium Individual subscription. You also earn 10 TL Cashback on a 115.99 TL YouTube Premium Family Plan subscription.

(Valid for Youtube Premium memberships made on website and Android application.)

Netflix – You can earn instant cash up to 30 TL each month.

You earn 30 TL Cashback on a 63.99 TL Netflix Basic Plan subscription. You also earn 30 TL Cashback on 97.99 TL Netflix Standart Plan or 130.99 TL Premium Plan subscriptions.

Spotify - You can earn instant cash up to 10 TL each month.

You earn 10 TL Cashback on a 29.99 TL Spotify Premium subscription. You also earn 10 TL Cashback on 49.99 TL Netflix Premium Family Plan subscription. 

Yes. Visit Papara app or to see your total Cashback rewards earned this month as well as your total earnings until today.

Papara Cashback offers are our way of rewarding your contribution to the Papara community when you use a Papara Card.

  • You can get instant Cashback into your account when you purchase from many brands and categories.
  • You can earn monthly Cashback at fixed rates without worrying about minimum spending limits or prerequisites.
  • You can keep your Cashback rewards in your account to use or you can transfer your Cashback to a bank account.

Our Approved and Verified account owner users can leverage Papara Cashback offers.

Approved and Verified users can use all Papara Cards to earn instant rewards for their purchases at select merchants, brands and categories.

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