Papara, not a bank!

Send money 24/7 for free, pay your bills, and manage your budget. Use Papara Card around the world, avoid fees,
and earn instant cashback as you spend.

Join in with over 15 million Papara users and enjoy financial freedom.

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Papara, not a bank!

Enjoy the best of both worlds,
the simplicity of a debit card
with rewards of a credit card.

Spend your available balance with Papara Card.
No overdrafts, no overspending. Track your spendings in real time and earn instant cashback as you spend.

No more card fees!

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Secure shopping anywhere
around the world.


Earn cashback from brands and categories
without minimum spending limits.

Deposit & Withdraw

Deposit/withdraw money at all local ATMs.
No fees at Akbank ATMs.

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Earn cashback as you spend.

No need to figure out how to earn and spend your cashback. Papara Cashback is simple and quick without discount codes or points—instant cash rewards. Earn cashback without worrying about campaign durations, spending conditions, and expiration dates.


Invite a Friend, Win Together

Let the friend you invite register with Papara and confirm their account, and both of you earn 15 TL cash from the first Papara Card spending.

Your money is safe with us.

Papara operates under the supervision of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

Papara users' funds are guaranteed and held in accounts in the Central Bank of Republic of Turkey.
Papara cannot collect interest and generate profit from users' funds.


No limited EFT hours
No hidden fees
No waiting

Want to send money to your friend at 9 PM?
No problem! Send money whenever you want!

Select your friend from your contact list or enter IBAN, send money instantly.

24/7 transactions with Papara.

And it's free.

Cash deposit locations
All banks

Add funds to your Papara account via wire transfer from your bank or local ATMs,
Teknosa stores, CarrefourSA and PTT branches.

Transfer money from your Papara account to your bank account 24/7.

Withdraw cash from all ATMs with Papara Black Card. No fees up to 500 TL every month!

You're in charge.

Is your electricity bill going up this year?

Pay bills with Papara and let us keep track.
Get notifed instantly when a bill is ready to be paid. Never miss a payment again.

Manage all your expenses with Papara!

Your budget is
under control

Learn where you spent the most at the end of the month.

Papara tracks your spendings, payments and transfers, and displays it all in categories.

Budget management made easy with Monthly Summary.

Separate accounts, Just for your savings.

Create free savings accounts for your goals. Set up each account to represent what it’s for.

Transfer cash instantly or with recurring transfers, track your progress with each deposit.

Start saving now and don’t delay that special something.

Enjoy your financial freedom
with a single app.

All you need is Papara

Open an account

Open your account in just a few clicks, anywhere, anytime.

Send money easily

Free money transfer in a snap, 24/7.

Spend debt free

Know where your money goes. Track your spendings with charts in real time.

Earn cashback

Earn instant cashback as you spend.
No minimum spending limits or
complicated rules.


Pay Bills

Pay your bills for free.
Track your payments with charts.

Request money

Select a contact, set the amount, add your message, and send your request.

Save Money

Open saving account,
save money regularly.

Pay & Receive Payments with QR

Make payments by scanning a QR code.
Share your QR code to receive instant payments.


Purchase insurance instantly

View mobile phone insurance and pet insurance quotes, choose the one that suits you best, buy your insurance instantly.

Make your insurance payments in advance with your Papara account or in installments with your credit cards that you've linked to your Papara account, earn 5% Cashback.

Stay tuned for our upcoming insurance products.

Receive payments easily with Papara.

The smart solution for sole owners, independent retailers,
and freelancers.

Share your Papara number or generate a QR code to receive payments easily.

Apply for a personal commercial account and start receiving payments by debit/credit cards.

No start-up fee, fixed fee, or monthly fees.

Cutting-edge financial solutions tailored for modern businesses

Papara Business solutions allow organizations to make hassle-free, single-click payouts on web and app with a seamless integration.

Papara Business Card is designed to provide a 100% customized professional card to handle and optimize your business expenses.

Open an account in seconds

Open your free account and start using Papara now.

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