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Business>How can I make mass payments via Papara MassPayment?

How can I make mass payments via Papara MassPayment?

You can make mass payments to thousands of people with a few clicks, automatically with Papara's MassPayment API or by uploading files from your merchant portal.  

Review the redirects in this link to automatically send mass payments via the API. 

With Papara Mass Payment, you can make mass payments or a single payment as you wish. 

Follow the steps below to send a single payment via Papara MassPayment: 

  • On the MassPayment menu, click on the Send Single Payment tab.  
  • Select the sending method among e-mail address, Turkish ID Number, Papara Number, IBAN or telephone number options.  
  • Enter the amount and complete your payment after the transaction confirmation. 

To make mass payments by uploading files with Papara MassPayment, go to the merchant portal and follow the steps below: 

  • Click on the MassPayment tab on the Send Payment menu.  
  • Review the sample file. Make sure the file you are uploading is in .csv format. 
  • Make sure that the first column on the file contains the Papara number / mobile number or Turkish ID number of the user who will receive the payment, and the second column contains the amount you want to send.  
  • Make sure the decimal separator in the amount field is a dot (“.”). 
  • Upload your .csv file that meets these requirements. 
  • You can track the status of your upload and mass payment process on the File Upload Results screen. 

If the people you want to send money to are not Papara users, if you wish, we will send them an invite to create a Papara account on behalf of your business. The person can access the money you've sent in their account after creating their Papara account.  

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