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Papara Card>Will I be charged for Papara Card?

Will I be charged for Papara Card?

Papara (Black, Gray, Rose, Almond, Teal) Card is free of charge.

Papara Lite Card is also free. You can get your Papara Lite Card from a point of sale for 5 TL. Once you activate your new Papara Lite Card, you will receive your 5 TL back in your account. You can get the Papara Lite Card reimbursement twice per year.

You can buy Papara Metal Card by paying 1000 TL, Collection Card by paying 75 TL.

20 TL courier fee is charged for your Papara (Black, Gray, Rose, Almond, Teal) Card requests that follows the first.

No monthly fees.

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