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Account>I can't verify my account. What can I do?

I can't verify my account. What can I do?

Before starting to verify your account, please make sure that you prepare the following:

• Make sure you have sufficient light in the environment.

• Make sure your phone camera’s resolution is above 480p.

• Check that you have good internet speed on your phone or WIFI.

Please carefully follow these steps below during the account verification process:

When you scan the front and back of your identity card:

  • When the camera is turned on, make sure that your ID is right-side up. Before you complete the steps, you can refer to the info pages to see short videos demonstrating how you should hold and show your identity card.
  • When the camera is turned on, make sure you fit your ID card into the purple frame and not move your ID card.

In hologram verification:

  • Make sure your identity card stays horizontal.
  • Show your Turkish identity number during the video recording.
  • Make sure your phone's flash hovers over the hologram by moving the phone up and down.

In Liveness Verification:

  • Make sure your face fits into the circle frame.
  • When the frame turns green, the process starts.
  • Look at the camera and wait for it to count down from 3.
  • Turn your head left and right by fit your face into the green frame when it counts down from 5.
  • If your face goes out of the oval frame, it will start counting down from 5 again, and you should turn your head left and right again.

Remember, you can try to verify your account up to 3 times a day. Do not worry. You can try the next day again.

If you are not able to complete the account verification process after trying all the processes above:

  • Please take a photo holding your ID card. Make sure that your face and ID card are easily recognisable.
  • Log in to the E-Government platform to get your Certificate of Residence or Civil Registery Record.
  • Select “Himself/Herself” when asked “For whom the document is for”
  • Select "To submit to an institution” when asked the purpose of your request
  • Enter "Papara" for the institution’s name
  • Download the document as a PDF file
  • Send the document and your photo to

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