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Papara Card>How do we split a purchase?

How do we split a purchase?

  • Click the "Split Bill" quick action button on your card spending or visit the Split menu
  • Determine the payment you want to split.
  • Choose who you would like to split the payment with; if your friend is not on the list, you can add them by entering their mobile phone number.
  • The payment is automatically split equally among the people you add. You can adjust the amount manually. The remaining amount is automatically split among other people equally.

  • The split request will be sent to the people added as a money request.
  • You can control the outgoing money requests on the Split Bill> Outgoing Requests page. Incomplete requests are located under Active Requests.
  • If you wish, you can remind the people you want by clicking the Remind button for the request you sent.
  • When your request is approved, the amount will be deposited in your account, and you will be informed.
  • You will be notified when everyone on your split list has responded. You can see it from Split Bill> Outgoing Requests > Completed Requests.

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